Friday, April 1, 2011

Lots Of Goodies

There are lots of goodies to tell you about today...Woot!

Adrianna Marquez believes in celebrating a woman's beauty. A&k Design's low cut "Slinked" laced corset is designed to draw all eyes to your luscious curves. Slinked includes sleek matching, lace inset finger gloves and form fitting slacks.

Slinked is one of the many free group gifts offered to A&k Designs members.

Shine like the star you are in A&k Designs "So Beautiful". It's made from a lovely shiny latex in 5 vibrant colors, even black dazzles the eyes. The outfit shows off your sexy stomach as well as your shapely legs. Comes with gloves and stockings.

You can also get a special edition of "So Beautiful" in the Diamond is Mine Hunt 2!

Men, whether you are role playing or just showing your macho side, "Spike" is the outfit for you. The dark color with the silver details, tight pants to show off your muscular thighs, and long coat to flap menacingly in the wind scream testosterone. It's a complete outfit, including the boots!

Ladies, it's transferable, so be sure to grab it for the manly man in your life.

A&k Designs "Booty Call" is an alluring design, from its pink striped crop top with a stylish matching scarf, to the flirty belted mini skirt. The included black fishnet stockings have curve accentuating cutouts, and the matching knitwear leg warmers are the perfect finishing touch.

A&k Designs "Dance With Me" is not for the shy. Designer, Adrianna Marquez, draws attention to the cropped turtleneck sweater with a provocatively placed strap. The bold red color and micro-mini skirt, that gives a glimpse of your assets with every step, guarantee you will be noticed. The matching polka-dot stockings add a whimsical touch to the outfit.

"The Rock" is a highly detailed outfit that comes with a jacket with sculpted lapels, collar and sleeves. The pants are fitted snugly and have a buckle detail on the left leg, a star scribble on the right, and belt. The impressive t-shirt with silk screened texture depicts a naked woman and man on the front and a Celtic knot on the back. Come on down and check it out, fellas.

Do you love to look girly but have a saucy side too? Then A&k Designs "Get Sexy" was made for you. Adrianna Marquez combined a shiny black low cut latex minidress and thigh high boots with frilly pink bows, ribbons and a black and pink choker for an enchanting look that is both sensual and romantic.

When you shop A&k Designs, you expect sexy and occasionally genre clothing - with Adrianna's latest release you get both - see the picture below for Adrianna's interpretation of Goth goes sexy in A&k Designs "Sexy Goth."

Here is your limo so you can go get sexified at A&k Designs! You can find so many styles and designs at the store, there is something for everyone.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

[A&k] Nawtie Girl

Updated and revamped, I have decided to re-release this sexy leather & plaid mini

Also Available in: Red, Brown & Blue

[A&k] No Mercy

This is one super slinky Sexy leather outfit, tease your partner with this skin tight outfit i have included one solid and one super daring bare version, also available in Black, Red & Blue

[A&k] Amante

 Hot leather number is sure to please your partner and just scream sexy!! Amante also comes in Red, Black & Purple

Saturday, August 7, 2010

[A&k] Soft Sided Clogs

[A&k] Soft Sided Clogs: so soft and cozy for your avatars feet: there are 7 colors to chose from

[A&k] Dana: Very cute Butterfly print dress. Adorned with the tiniest of micro skirts, yet still covering all your sexy bits.
Available in 6 colors.